Technicolor Hearts is an art project for lovers, a discourse between friends, an interactive expression of memories, feelings, sadness, happiness and a celebration of life. Born on a cold evening in December of 2010 the duo combines elements of dreamy psych pop woven in with arts and crafts rock, orchestral and synth layering, raw folk and storybook rhyme.

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Esben & The Witch

Hey everyone, we just found out we’ll be opening for Esben & The Witch tomorrow at Mohawk. Doors open at around 9, we play around 10. If you missed our VegFest show and want to see us on this tour, or want to hang out with us again, or if you are just a Esben or Heliotropes fan, you can buy tickets here.

This should be a really fun show. The new Esben record is so good, if you haven’t heard it yet, we really recommend checking it out!